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An Advent wreath and 8 Christmas balls can easily be made thanks to polystyrene supports that provide a basis for creation.


It will be enough to cover them with Patarev before decorating them with details modeled or drawn with the proposed glitter tubes.


Once the decorations are dry, they will brighten up your tree! A box set that offers an activity as fun as it is creative to share with your family to prepare for the holiday season.


Patarev is a revolutionary modeling clay: it dries in the open air, without cracking, to allow you to keep your creations. In addition, it does not stain or stick to fingers or tables! It is also bouncing, fragrant and the colors mix perfectly to create many bright colors.


Its light and elastic texture offers tactile pleasure that facilitates and encourages creation regardless of age. An ideal creative and artistic activity to bring unlimited creativity to life!


Contents of the box


5 jars of 30g of Patarev: red, blue, yellow, green, white


1 polystyrene crown of 15cm in diameter


8 polystyrene balls of 5cm in diameter


8 ball holders


1 tube of golden glitter


1 tube of pearly glitter


1 small knife to sculpt


1 notice


1 instructions for use with 6 models of clothing

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