CALYPTO PUZZLE 1000 P - Champ de ble avec cypres - Vincent Van Gogh - Wheat Feld and cypresses

$34.90 SGD


This 1000 piece puzzle (68,5 x 48 cm) comes from our “Art” puzzle collection. Piece by piece, enjoy recreating this beautiful masterpiece.

Puzzlers will love discovering all the hidden details in the illustration while making it. This puzzle was printed with vibrant colours to offer the best colours. We find is essential to give the highest printing quality and colour rendering, especially for puzzles that present works of art where painters used specific intense colour pigments.

The qualitative cutting technique, the 2.1 mm cardboard thickness and the soft touch finish on each piece add a certain pleasure to the art of puzzle making as it is very satisfying to place each piece and it is easy to move the puzzle in progress if necessary. Once the puzzle is entirely assembled, you can glue all the pieces together on the back and frame it to have a beautiful home decoration.


Box size : 20.5 x 26 x 5.5cm

Weight : 0.80 Kg


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