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Have fun placing thousands of multicolored rhinestones on an adhesive canvas to form a beautiful sparkling horse!

Take advantage of this diamond painting canvas, a manual activity based on thousands of small rhinestones, to create a magnificent sparkling horse!

Close to Pixel Art, this manual activity allows you to enhance a pretty illustration, diamond by diamond, with sparkling colors.

Using the small stylus, simply grab the rhinestones and then transfer them to the sticky surface of the canvas. Each box has a letter corresponding to that of a diamond color, so the illustration is very easy to color.

Approximately 4 hours are needed to create a painting.

Contents of box:

  • 1 printed and pre-pasted canvas
  • Rhinestones of different colors
  • 1 small tray to organize the rhinestones
  • 1 pencil to grab the rhinestones
  • 1 wax to make the tip adhesive to the rhinestones



Dimension: 21 x 27 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 0.25 kg


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