SENTOSPHERE AQUARELLUM "Les oiseaux s'envolent" -The birds are flying


With this creative box, enjoy a moment of relaxation by painting these three illustrations of birds, without being able to exceed!


If you love birds, this set is for you! Play with colors, mix them together to paint beautiful gradients and make these birds even more beautiful than they are . A creative activity for adults and children with a guaranteed result thanks to the crimped paper that will prevent you from going over.


With this range, artists of all levels and of all ages can indulge in the pleasures of painting. Aquarellum is a unique painting technique that will introduce young and old to the art of watercolor to create beautiful works of art! Indeed, this creative hobby allows you to create magnificent paintings with ease and freedom thanks to a unique technique:


Vellum paper , thick and of high quality, perfect for watercolors since it does not warp

Crimped illustrations that appear as if by magic with each stroke of the brush. Indeed, they only allow the paint to adhere to reserved surfaces.

Watercolor inks that blend and layer to create subtle gradations

A detailed notice  on the perception and mixing of colors

A concept and a French manufacture


An ideal manual activity to introduce children to art by teaching them how to mix colors, while stimulating the imagination and concentration. The result is guaranteed and flattering for artists of all ages, and all levels, to encourage them in creation!


Dimensions in cm: 33.5 x 3 x 26

Weight: 0.5kg

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