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Topscent is an olfactory game during which your senses of smell, sight and reflexes will challenge you !

To win, you must :

1. Pick a smell capsule and recognise the fruit you will looking for during the round, without revealing the answer to the other players


2. Roll the dice to determine how many times you will have to find the fruit on the cards


3.All players must put their cards sucessively in the middle, to form a pile in the center of the game


4. Once the fruit appeared on the cards the number of times indicated on the dice, top the cards!


The first one to top wins the pile. The winner is the one who won the most cards at the end of the game.

A playful challenge to awaken the senses of all ages !

Topscent has won the French "Grand Prix du Jouet 2016" Award in the "Jeu éducatif" category

Package Contents :

• 12 aroma diffusers • 96 cards • 1 dice • 1 set of game rules

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