SENTOSPHERE KIT CREATIF "Savons et Senteurs" - CREATIVE KIT "Soaps and Scents"

$49.90 SGD


This creative and cosmetic laboratory will help you make beautiful syndet sop bars thanks to the high-quality transparent glycerine base provided.

Thanks to this cosmetic kit, you can create 450g of beautiful soaps in the shapes of dolphins, sea-shells or even flowers with the fragrances of your choice.


This DIY activity is as easy as it is fun and can be used at any time of day to always have clean, soft and delicately fragranced hands.

The glycerine base melts within seconds in a microwave or in a bain-marie. When liquified, a child can measure various perfumes and colours before pouring it into the moulds provided. The soap cools down within minutes and takes the shapes of hearts, flowers, sea-shells or fish and can be easily removed from the mould.

Safe ingredients and formulas

This DIY kit has been tested according to the Toy and Cosmetic regulations under dermatological control. All the ingredients and formulas it presents are non-toxic and are completely safe for children’s skin.

Content of the box

  • 450 g of soap
  • 3 cosmetic colourants
  • 2 cosmetic perfumes
  • 5 droppers
  • 1 set of instructions

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