$20.00 SGD

The tether strap hooks onto the vest at the shoulders and attaches to the vehicle's child restraint top tether anchor point. The tether effectively turns the vest into a harness (like in a conventional car seat) rather than just a seat belt positioning device (like a conventional booster seat). The tether significantly reduces forward and side movement of your child's torso, neck and head during an accident - thus lessening the risk of injury. When installing the tether, you should tighten the strap to remove the slack, but be careful not to over tighten it, as this will raise the vest and move the lap belt of the seat belt off your child's legs and onto their hips or abdomen. If your child is under 4 years of age, we strongly recommend you use the tether.

Compatible with all Generation 4 (current generation) RideSafer Delight travel vests and all legacy Version 2 RideSafer travel vests.

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