RIDESAFER Neck Cushion (suitable for GEN 4 & 5) - Black

$14.90 SGD

The RideSafer Neck Pillow is designed for a comfier ride. It attaches to the back of the vest; parents or big kids can easily secure the neck pillow with the velcro straps at the back. Fits RideSafer size S-XL only.

The manufacturer recommends it when the vest is used with the RideSafer tether strap so that children with longer hair will not have their hair caught in the tether rings. In most vehicles, the cushion is not required because of the contour of the vehicle seat. If the seat is very contoured inward, the neck pillow will push the child's head forward, and the child will not be very comfortable.

Optional neck pillow accessory for RideSafer Delight Wearable Safety Restraint. Attaches easily to the back of the vest. 

Fits RideSafer size S-XL.

Dimension: 7 x  10.5 x 23.5 cm

Weight: 0.2kg

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