RAVENSBURGER GraviTrax Tunnels

$36.90 SGD


With this set you create the element of surprise on your train. Combine the tunnels, rails and base plates with your GraviTrax starter set for even more combination and acceleration options. Can you keep an eye on the ball as it rolls through the tunnels?


GraviTrax Set Tunnel is an extension of the interactive GraviTrax marble run system:


With GraviTrax, children not only build simple marble runs, but also create entire marble run worlds - the ideal introduction to the world of the marble run


As a MINT toy, GraviTrax makes gravity a playful experience: When expanding the tunnel, the speed is important, because the elements of the set brake or accelerate the balls - this ensures even more action and excitement


There are no limits to creativity with this construction toy: Simply combine the elements of the tunnel extension with the GraviTrax starter set and ensure even more action in the marble run worlds you have created yourself


With the tunnel extension, children can plan, try out and realize even more exciting routes - GraviTrax is never boring and always remains a great pastime and ideal activity for children


This extension set contains:
4x tunnel curves,
2x tunnel straights,
2x tunnel switches,
2x vertical U-turns,
2x O plastic rails,
2x collecting baskets

Dimension: 34 x 34 x 5 cm

Weight: 1 kg


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