MORES Running Bike "Petitpierre"

$2,099.00 SGD

The clever craftsmanship and functionality of the Petitpierre running bike is a collaborative effort springing from 30 years of carbon manufacturing experience, 10 years of child ergo therapy experience, and 10 years of aviation engineering and design.  The Petitpierre is manufactured by Mores, a German company founded in 2011 by Sebastian Mores, a designer and aerospace engineer.

The revolutionary features of the Petitpierre include: 1.) a monocoque carbon frame with 1 1/8 integrated headset, 2.) LED lights integrated in the saddle and hand grips to provide extra safety in the dark or in circumstances of limited visibility, 3.) multi-fit and adjustable seat, stem height, saddle pitch, and shift to adapt to children of different sizes, weights, and ability, 4.) ergonomic grip and brake lever to provide extra comfort and safety; and 4.) ultra-narrow hub design so your child won’t be prone to injuries caused by wide hubs.  Another cutting-edge characteristic of the Petitpierre is its ultra-low centre of gravity. This means that the bike is extremely stable, allowing kids to move around and corner rapidly without turning over.

The Mores running bike has been tested according to the latest European guidelines EN71 and EN14765 to offer your child the highest possible level of safety.

With its ultra-modern technology, high quality materials, and ingenious design, the Petitpierre is the most advanced bike rolling today. 


Notes : Lithium Battery LR1130 handle bar lights 2 on each side.  Press once for blinking, another time for constant, another time for off.


Dimensions: 58cm x 28cm x 91cm

Weight: 10kg

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