MODARRI T1 Turbo Track Car with Tire Stacks

$34.90 SGD

The T1 Turbo Track Car has earned respect from its competitors in every race it has competed in. There is no wonder why it has secured sponsorship with some of the biggest names in racing. Robust power, aerodynamic styling, and advanced suspension systems enable this beast to roar past its rivals like few cars in existence. Whether the race is on a track, road, or street – you can bet on the T1 to cross the finish line first.

This Modarri Delux T1 Turbo Track Car is fully customizable, as every piece is interchangeable across all Modarri cars, allowing you to mix and match parts to create thousands of different car designs! This car features unique finger-steering and suspension mechanics that will put you into the driver’s seat, allowing you to “feel the road.” Control the car with a single finger and do tight manoeuvres like figure-eight, without ever having to re-position your hand!

Right out of the box, there are many unique combinations that kids can build to make the car their very own! 

With this set, your child will be playing and learning for hours of endless fun while creating an aerodynamic roadster, a fierce muscle car, or a combination of the two! Our modular building system uses retained screws that do not fall out and allows you to quickly change multiple parts by simply loosening a couple of screws using the swivel tipped hex tool provided.

Dimensions: 19 x 7 x 24 cm

Weight: 1kg


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