MODARRI Speedsters 3 Pack Bundle - Hercules Fire, Tiger Speed and Nitro Storm

$69.90 SGD $74.70 SGD

This bundle consists of 3 sets of Speedster series - Hercules Fire, Tiger Speed and Nitro Storm.

Hercules Fire - Flex some muscle with the Hercules Fire Turbo Speedster. Featuring bold flame graphics and a fiery red T1 Track fender that will intimidate the competition. Designed to be durable with a pick-up frame and off-road tires. This is one speedster you can take anywhere, on or off the track.


Tiger Speed - Pounce on the competition with the sleek yet powerful Tiger Speed Turbo Speedster. The C1 Concept fender features fierce graphics, while the S2 Muscle hood's vents create airflow for that extra burst of power when you need it most. while the aerodynamic, sporty coupe frame is designed for optimal control at higher speeds and slick tires for drifting tight turns.


Nitro Storm - The name says it all. The Nitro Storm Turbo Speedster is designed for explosive power with a T1 Track fender and S2 Muscle hood. The Rally frame's heavy-duty spoiler, plus sporty off-road tires, offers optimal control and durability on or off the track. 


Dimensions: 25 x 24.5 x 23.5
Weight: 1.03kg


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