METERMORPHOSEN The Pre-historic Life Folding Rule

$29.90 SGD

5 Billion Years Of History on Planet Earth.

"The Prehistoric Life Folding Ruler shows the history of our planet with a focus on flora & fauna. With amazing pictures and the size of the main animals this ruler shows 5 billion years from Cambrian to Quarternary."

"The four-color side of this wooden ruler presents the evolution of life

on our planet in detailed pictures. The opposite side provides

information like the scientific names or the size of the depicted

plants and animals. The succession of the earth historic epochs (in

German, English and French) unfolds here. A “snapshot” of

Contintal Drift and a timeline delineating each epoch in black type

helps the user to comprehend the immense time periods over which

life evolved on our planet. The appearance of dinosaurs, when

mammals took over, the first insects or flowers, how life left the seas

to conquer land: All this is shown on the PRE-HISTORIC LIFE


Dimensions: L 24cm x B 2cm x H 3.5cm


Weight: 0.1kg

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