METERMORPHOSEN Flower Folding Ruler

$29.90 SGD

"The Flowers Ruler shows the flowers in the garden from spring to winter and the botanical names. This colourful ruler is a perfect gift for a lady."

"This measuring device is an absolute must for every gardener's new projects such as a

garden house, a new terrace, or new beds. This new colorful yardstick not only helps

to measure the length of paths and width of beds, but also at the same time provides

many ideas for planting flowers. It is structured by the seasons: from spring to winter.

80 selected photographs of flower buds provide information about the prettiest flowers

of the year pictured on the standard 200-centimeter space. They no longer leave any

doubt about colors and forms of camellias or geraniums. On the backside of the ruler

are the flower's corresponding Latin names. This gardening ruler closes any gab in

knowledge right at the start of the gardening season. Just as its popular predecessor it

too, is made of German hornbeam making it the useful instrument for any hobby

botanist, student, teacher, and just anyone who loves nature.

The measuring stick that unfolds the four seasons


The gardener's ruler is a perfect gift!"

Dimensions: L 24cm x B 2cm x H 3.5cm



Weight: 0.1kg


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