MARVY Fabric Marker 560 6 colors set

$10.90 SGD

These lovely vibrant colorful fabric marker pens can be used to customize any fabric with whatever design and can easily be drawn freehand. 

Ideal for T-Shirts, Sneakers, Backpacks, Tote Bags, Caps, Visors and much much more...

They are:

  • ✔ Odorless
  • ✔ Quick Drying
  • ✔ Permanent
  • ✔ Pigmented
  • ✔ Non Toxic
  • ✔ Acid Free

You can simply smarten up your stained, scuffed or even damaged clothes and shoes. 

Carefully match a color to your garment and draw over and fill in the mark.

Very EASY and FUN to use!


Made in Japan. Marvy Uchida

Dimension: 17.5 cm x 13cm x 1cm

Weight: 300gm


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