MARBOTIC Smart Letters

$99.00 SGD

  • Smart Letters combines the best of both physical and digital play by utilizing traditional wooden letters and modern touchscreen technology, providing optimal learning resources for children ages 3+
  • Includes 26 wooden letters and 3 different ‘Smart Letters’ educational apps`(available for free download)
  • Children can learn the alphabet, discover sounds and shapes of letters, enrich vocabulary with the ability to write an infinite amount of words
  • Cultivates open-ended sensory play, fostering creativity and imagination while building fundamental reading and writing skills
  • Designed by education experts and teachers, crafted with quality materials, and inspired by the Montessori method
  • Available in 8 languages: American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish
  • Child-proof: Wooden pieces designed with children in mind. Gentle on tablet screens. No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or additional batteries required.
  • Compatible with all iPads (except iPad 1), Samsung (Note 10.1 2014, Tab 2 10.1, Tab 3 7 lite, Tab 4 10.1, Tab 7.7, Tab A 6, Tab 10.1 2016, Tab A 9.7 Spen, Tab Active 8.0, Tab Pro 8.4, Tab S 10.5, Tab S 8.4, Tab S2 8.0, Tab S2 9.7)

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