MARBOTIC Magic Phonics

$269.00 SGD

• SMART Reading Phonics System

• Sturdy wooden box contains 49 interactive wooden stamps, letters, digraphs and trigraphs

• Free Magic Phonics App

• Introduces grapheme and phoneme correspondence Contains 18 sequences for learning phonics Contains more than 150 words

• Develops phonemic awareness

• Enriches vocabulary

• Builds fundamentals of writing and reading Montessori Approved

• No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection required - App works offline


What's Included:

1 x Wooden Storage Box

49 x Wooden blocks

1 x Educational App


Recommended Use:

2 Students per Magic Phonics Box


Required Technology:

iOS and Android Device Compatible


Educational Tags:

Literacy, ESL, Special Ed, SMART, Pre-K, K-2nd


Dimension: 31 x 9 x26 cm
Weight: 3.76kg

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