MARBOTIC Deluxe Learning Kit

$169.00 SGD

Learn to read : Four apps expose kids to different aspects of reading. Alphamonster helps them discover the alphabet and sing phonics. Vocabubble reveals hundreds of words with beautiful illustrations. BlaBlaBox lets kids "stamp" words on the iPad screen and then hear the iPad pronounce them. Lil Reader begins the process of reading words and complete sentences.

Learn about numbers : Three counting apps introduce a variety of mathematics concepts. 10 Fingers teaches counting up to ten while developing fine motor skills. Up to 100 lets kids play with units and tens to build numbers up to 100. More or Less involves manipulating beads to learn addition and subtraction.

Builds on the 3 fundamental pillars of learning (reading, writing and arithmetic), while fostering imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills.

What's in the box : 26 interactive wooden lower case letters, 10 interactive wooden numbers, 1 wooden cabinet, 3 sliding trays and 1 user guide

Compatible with all Ipads (except Ipad1) and available in 8 languages: American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish

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