MAKEDO Invent Kit

$204.90 SGD

Engaging screen-free learning is overflowing from this toolbox.

Suitable for classrooms, libraries, workshops, birthday parties, maker spaces, design studios and delightfully ambitious home projects (like the biggest cardboard fort... ever), this large toolbox will ignite the creative genius in all who use it.

The Makedo experience celebrates the process of wondering, imagining, creating, discovering, experimenting, failing, thinking and solving, all under the guise of play. Oh where was this kit when I was a kid?! Don’t hold back, you are older than 7 years.

This kit includes safe (no sharp edges) steel cardboard saws and perforators for competent makers.


366 pieces? What do I get?


Steel blade with no sharp edges to swiftly saw cardboard.


Perforate lines to sculpt like a pro.


Connect cardboard as simply as righty tighty, lefty loosey.

240 x SCRU

Connects up to three layers of corrugated cardboard.

90 x SCRU XL

Connects up to six layers of corrugated cardboard.


For parallel and cooperative making.



Packaging opens into a handy sort & store toolbox. Pack away into the outer sleeve for storage.



Makedo is designed to meet and exceed international safety requirements for toys. This product has been independently tested to an age grading of 3+ and complies to the following international standards:

- ASTM F963

- Canada Toys Regulations SOR


- AS/NZS 8124


Strawbees is a construction kit based on one simple unit that lets you connect straws to each other. You stick a Strawbee into the ends of a standard quarter inch (6mm) straw to make struts and then connect them with another Strawbee. It?s a wonderful system for trial and error construction and allows you to do a lot of things impossible with other systems.

With Strawbees you can build everything from mathematical shapes like the platonic solids to mechanical birds, claws, or even huge animated snakes. Just come up with an idea and start building, or simply start building and see where you end up. With Strawbees you can always modify things as you go, add straws, cut straws, or add new connections to get a stronger, more flexible or bigger construction.

Besides connecting straws Strawbees can be used to connect cardboard. This means you can build large scale mechanical objects from cardboard with the same pieces you use for the straws.


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