*** OBSOLETE *** MAGNA-TILES Glow 24 Piece Set

$89.90 SGD

In the light, Magna-Tiles® Glow pieces are a natural opaque colour.
In the dark, Magna-Tiles® Glow!

Add Magna-Tiles® Glow in the dark shapes to any Magna-Tiles® collection!
All sets and styles are compatible.

Glow your way through the darkness with this awesome 16-piece glow set! Write a secret message with our included mini LED light and turn off the lights to let it be revealed! 

Charge Magna-Tiles Glow pieces with any natural or artificial light.

Style: Solid Colours – Glow
Set weighs 0.5 kg
Set (in packaging) measures 13 x 1.5 x 10 inches
Each shape has a base measurement of 3 inches / 7.62 cm

Item code: 18816 

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