LITTLEBITS - Rule Your Room Kit

$99.00 SGD

Create touch-activated inventions to control your stuff. -Build science, engineering, art and math skills as you problem-solve and invent. -Get step-by-step instructions for 8 inventions, 1 challenge, and inspiration for tons more! -Gain the confidence and curiosity to reinvent the world around you. -Minimize screen time with a toolbox you can use again and again to create new toys, pranks & more. Product Perks IT'S ALL REUSABLE Playtime never ends when your Bits are reusable! Build an invention, then take it apart to create something new. COMBINE WITH YOUR TOYS Give your toys new superpowers by adding Bits to them. Try LEGO

Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 20 cm. Weight: 0.5Kg.

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