KEPTIN-JR: Bondifly (20cm x 28cm)

$55.90 SGD

Developed in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft and the Department of Neonatology at the Juliana Children's Hospital and the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Bondifly was specially designed to help premature babies with their challenging early beginning in life and to remain their trusted buddy as they grow and develop.


Placed in the incubator with the baby, the multiple grab antennae satisfy the baby's natural grasping reflex and keep the little hands from tugging on the tubes and probes. The body and wings wrap around the baby and keeps her/him tucked in, providing the comfort and security that s/he desperately needs while in the incubator.


Above all, Bondifly allows the baby to bond with daddy and mummy through the removable wings that either parent can wear on their body. When the natural scent of mummy or daddy is absorbed into the wing, it can be fitted back onto the Bondifly that is placed with the baby in the incubator. Each Bondifly is provided with an extra set of wings for alternating between preparing and placing the wings with the baby.


With the removable and wearable wings, Bondifly serves as a great bonding tool even for full-term babies. It is particularly useful for working mothers who spend their day away from their babies.


Available in Blue and Pink.


Tip: Wing can be hung over front collar of daddy's shirt or against the chest inside of mummy's blouse (secured by bra straps) for scent transfer.

Package Dimensions: 16.5cm x 5cm x 23cm

Package Weight: 0.3kg

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