JANOD Body Magnet in 11 Languages

$59.90 SGD

Learn the human body while having fun. 76 magnets and 1 magnetic board to learn and assemble the different parts of the human body. 4 maps with detailed explanations on: the skeleton, the organs, the muscles and the body (cards in French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Italian, Russian, Danish, Japanese and Chinese). Comes with a wooden stick. Wood: birchwood (stick). Cardboard : tray + magnets (18 magnets per map + 4 additional magnets for the body layer). 22 cards in total (2 cards printed on both sides per language). Closed gift box. This toy has been rewarded in the US and got the gold seal for the best toy at Oppenheim awards, recognition given by the consumers.

  • Accessories:76 magnets, 1 board, 1 wooden stick, 22 cards in total (2 double-sided cards per language)
  • Material:Wood & Cardboard
  • Dimensions:26 x 1.5 x 41.5 cm

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