Inventing Kindergarten Book

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Inventing Kindergarten

in the 1830s by charismatic German educator Friedrich Froebel.

Froebel’s (1782-1852) kindergarten was the most successful

this book tells its story.

Left: Wood and

paper design

forms for the

seventh Gift,

Parquetry, U.S.

circa 1870-1890.

“The juxtaposition here of nineteenth-century kindergarten work with

the work of Braque, Klee, Mondrian, and Frank Lloyd Wright will

make you gasp. This is a revelatory book.” — The New Yorker

is the fi rst comprehensive book about the origin of kindergarten,

a revolutionary educational program for children that was created

system for teaching children about art, design, mathematics, and

natural history ever devised. Kindergarten changed the world, and

Dimensions: L 24cm x B 3cm x H 34cm

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