HABA 3D Arranging Game Chromatix

$44.90 SGD

Diversity in form and color are the basis of this enjoyable arranging game for players of all ages. When correctly combined, the colorful wooden blocks of the Chromatix 3D arranging game produce eight equally sized cubes. All blocks can be arranged and stacked in many different ways to create fascinating shapes. For free play or for arranging and stacking according to the templates provided.

Content: 19 wooden blocks, 10 template cards.

Product weight: 0.358 kg

Height: 6 cm

Width: 15 cm

Length: 23 cm

Number of parts: 19 units

Age to: 99 years

Age from: 3 years

Item no. 305463

Product dimensions = 23cm x 15cm x 6cm


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