GRIMM's Pull Toy Rainbow Turtle

$149.90 SGD

This unique pull toy is a beautiful and versatile toy for babies and toddlers.  The large wooden turtle's shell is comprised of ten, vibrantly colored wooden blocks that can be rearranged inside of the shell to form new patterns and that can also be used as building blocks on their own.  Toddlers love using these irregularly shaped colorful blocks to build towers and knock them down, and older children can use these blocks as accessories to larger biulding block sets.  The turtle has a string attached to its nose so that babies and toddlers can pull the toy around.  Pull toys are great for babies who are learning how to walk as well as more advanced walkers as it allows them the opportunity to develop both dexterity and hand/eye coordination as they pull the toy along.

Dimensions: 35cm x 15cm x 12cm Weight: 1.5kg

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