GRIMM'S mini fish puzzle

$59.00 SGD

For the child who loves sea creatures or the circus, the parent who wants an open-ended puzzle in organic shapes, this is the puzzle for you. 

The beauty of Grimm's creative puzzles is that the fun never ends. Keep dreaming, and something new comes up.

Inspired by the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, Grimm’s is about the rainbow, happy colours, creativity, and the imagination. Lovingly hand finished with non-toxic and water based stains (unvarnished) by a specialist team in Germany, the puzzles, building sets, and toys are gorgeous, and also work as décor pieces for a beautiful home. We love it because there are no instructions, and you can do no wrong with a Grimm’s toy. Just play, learn, and enjoy.

Dimensions: L 35cm x B 20cm x H 5cm                     Weight: 1kg


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