GRIMM'S Holder Pink Flower for Decorative

$17.90 SGD

This Lifelight is wonderful on birthday tables and on gifts, as decoration on a window sill and on the nature table. Decorated with our Decorative Figure, the Vase (Art. No 04700/04760) with flowers or a candle, it creates a special atmosphere on all occasions. You can complement the Flower with the Large Heart (Art. no 00710), the Little Heart (00610) and the Star (02830).
For safety, please use a Candle Holder (04800/04801) with a candle. Make sure that there is no draft and that no decorative figure is near the candle flame.
1 piece, with one hole.
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water-based color stain.

Made in Germany

Dimensions : 7.5 cm x 7 cm  x 2  cm

Weight: 0.10 kg


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