GRIMM'S Construction Game Alphabet

$119.90 SGD

With this alphabet puzzle, children in preschool playfully discover the world of letters. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a color and consists of one to five parts that have to be put into the right shape. But children on a journey of discovery will also find many other ways to build letters in ever new ways and in different sizes. Of course, the parts can also be used to design and construct beautiful color areas, patterns and much more.
Tip: Use a tray with felt as a base, so that the pictures can be enjoyed even longer. The parts can be placed more easily on the non-slip surface of the felt. Once created, images can simply be put away when the space on the table or floor is otherwise needed. They decorate tables, sideboards and rooms for a longer period of time and stimulate the imagination to create new pictures.
77 parts.
Wood: birch or poplar plywood varnished in colour.
Dimensions: letter size approx. 9cm.


Dimensions :  12 x 9 x 12cm

Weight : 0.20 Kg

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