GRIMM'S 120 Small Wooden Beads / 12mm Coloured Beads

$39.90 SGD

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Wooden beads are one of the most basic play materials for children. While threading, the eye-hand coordination is stimulated and fine motor skills are trained. These colourful wooden beads are sorted with 12 rainbow colours. Ideal storage: the Sorting Helper (Art. No 10299) sort and keep all the coloured wooden beads from our standard offering.


There are many benefits that children can derive from playing with beads, paramount of which are a development of colour recognition, coordination, fine motor ability, and learning to count. Creating beadwork also enhances other non-cognitive facilities such as their sense of focus and perseverance.


Making necklaces, bracelets, or ropes with the GRIMM’s 120 coloured beads is sure a creative activity for young kids. They can even do it indoors or during quiet time, a break from the rough-and-tumble game that they usually get involved in when outdoors!

Materials: maple wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain.


Size: diameter 12mm

Dimension: 10 cm x 6 cm x 4.5 cm

Weight: 0.07 kg

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