GRAPAT The rhythm of life

$159.90 SGD

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It contains 375 balls, a cotton cord (8 m), 4 ribbons which you can be used to differentiate between the four seasons and 13 bowls to organize the balls.
Recommended age +36 months. Includes a cloth bag.




The Rhythm of Life is an existential calendar which makes the comprehension of the concept ‘course of time’ easier for children. Each colour represents a month of the year, and at the same time, they represent the four seasons. However, there are other colours which indicate special dates. There is a ribbon that marks the change of seasons. This material can be put together all at once in advance or by threading one ball a day.
The different materials are presented as loose pieces. The idea is that every day the child threads a ball according to the season and the month of the year. This way, children will experience time as days, months, years, and seasons pass by.




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