EPIGRAM Danger Dan #04: Danger Dan Traces The Perilous Poi

$10.90 SGD

Author : Lesley-Anne & Monica

Gadget Girl Melody is off her game this time and needs Danny’s help. It is the year 1972 and Queen Elizabeth will be visiting Singapore for the first time. Drama ensues as Gadget Girl Melody finds out Sinister Spyder’s plans to poison the Queen. They must stop him before it’s too late!

Together, they trace the security crew to Toa Payoh, where the Queen will be visiting. Using Gadget Girl’s latest toy, the anti-gravity wristband, the two set off to nail the Sinister Spyder. Are they on the right track, or must they hatch another plan? Find out more in Danger Dan Traces the Perilous Poison!

Dimensions:21cmx 2cm x 26cm

Weight: 0.1kg

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