ELECFREAKS Smart Home Kit (without micro:bit)

$89.90 SGD

The Smart Home Kit is developed by ElecFreaks, for easy transformation of everyday products into smart home projects. Control your lights with your voice, or create a fan that turns itself on when it's too hot!
(This set does not include the micro:bit chip)

Check out this video done by Cytron, featuring the Smart Fan built with this kit:

Key Features

Plug and use connection

Rich tutorial cases

Connect limitless creativity with different sensors

What’s Included

3V Sensor Bit

OLED Screen

Crash Sensor

TMP36 Temperature Sensor

Rainbow LED 

Simulation Noise Sensor

Light Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor


DC Motor

180 Servo 

Submersible Pump


USB Cable

Crystal Battery Box


Smart Home Kit manual book

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