ECOVESSEL Boss 2019 - 64oz (1900ml) TriMax® Triple Insulated Growler with Reflecta™ Lid and Infuser

$109.90 SGD

Fill the BOSS with cold craft beer from your neighborhood brewery or fresh hot coffee from your favorite café. For a crowd pleaser, pour in chilled red or white wine and fill the infuser with wedges of citrus fruit for a refreshing sangria that will stay cold all day and all night.


The Reflecta™ lid is insulated and lined with stainless steel, enhancing temperature retention and preventing drinks from ever touching plastic. This dual opening lid is easy to grip, has a wide mouth for easy filling, and a soft silicone spout for a comfortable drinking experience. The lid is securely attached to a sturdy carrying strap, so you always know where it is, and the leakproof seal keeps your drinks in the bottle - where they belong.






  • TriMax® Triple Insulation

  • Reflecta™ Insulated Lid

  • Dual opening lid for easy filling

  • Silicone lip for drinking comfort

  • Drinks don’t touch plastic

  • Sturdy, flexible strap

  • Updated contoured shape

  • Snap-in infuser for tea, fruit

  • Easy cleaning




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