DK All About Money (Reissue (2nd))

$21.95 SGD

A treasure trove of advice from financial expert and TV presenter, Alvin Hall, All About Money answers the tough questions kids have about money.

Money might make the world go around, but only if you know how to use it, and who better to teach your child all about finance than TV presenter and financial expert Alvin Hall. They'll enter the world of business and economics, learning about how money works, from its history to how it grows.

Your child will understand the money in their pocket, the cost of living and much more with All About Money. An indispensable investment to get your child to understand money and finances - read it together and watch their money grow.


ISBN:  9780241206560 Pages:  96
Size:  217 x 276mm Age:  From 8 To 12 years 

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