CUBORO sixpack duo

$75.00 SGD

Just when you thought Cuboro was the most fascinating toy and/or learning aid you could get for your child, say hello to the Sixpack Duo!

The Cuboro Sixpack Duo introduces functions D3D6D15 and D16 and opens up a whole new world to Cuboro. Play with a friend on parallel running tracks and listen to your child squeal with delight! As with all Cuboro sets, the Sixpack Duo is compatible and works fantastically with your existing Cuboros and Cugolinos.

Cuboro has been said to be the antidote to the short attention spans many people complain of nowadays, and it also encourages the joy of experimentation, spatial ability, logical thinking, and motor activity. Whilst you can play with it alone, it can also be turned into a team sport. It is always creative and exciting, and is truly a developmental and educational marvel.

 Dimensions: L 16cm X W 5.5cm X W 15cm   Weight: 0.52kgs.



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