CROCODILE CREEK Sparkle Scratch Art - Unicorn

$24.90 SGD

Scratch, sparkle, and create! 


These wonderful unicorn scratch-art activity sets are great fun for kids 3-8. They will delight in scratching the surface with the wooden stylus to reveal the colorful, sparkly sparkly unicorn designs below. They can also create their own original masterpieces using the five blank sheets and the unicorn stencil sheet. Each kit includes 10 different unicorn-themed illustrated sheets and one unicorn stencil sheet (16 pieces total).   

  • 5 blank sheets
  • 1 unicorn stencil sheet
  • 1 wooden stylus                                                                                                                                          Age Range: 3+                                                                                                                                            Dimensions:20.5cm x 18cm x 4cm                                                                                                              Weight: 0.222kg                        


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