COLOUR ME MATS Virtues & Values (Colouring Mat Bundle)

$31.80 SGD

Instilling correct values and virtues in children is very important because these could influence their integrity and morality, as well as their attitude and behaviour towards life. Knowing good values and virtues can build our children’s character, help them tell what is right from wrong, and cope with difficult situations. We hope you can start off with these four - Respect, Empathy, Sharing and Honesty!


Collect all 4 in a series to piece together into a beautiful storyboard!


BPA-free and made of premium food grade silicone with FDA and SGS certification

Raised edge around the border to guide young children to colour within the mat and contain any dining messes and spills

Rolls up and folds up easily for great portability - perfect for use on-the-go

Buttery smooth top for easy cleaning even when ink is left on for days

Grippy bottom clings to most surfaces

Able to withstand up to 230 degree celsius

Colour Me Puzzle Mats come in a portable size of 16cm by 11cm – the perfect handy entertainment you’ll need for your child

Colour Me Puzzle Mats come with a keyhole designed to ring your puzzle mats together to bring them out easily. Key ring provided in the bundle set as well.

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