COCOLETES Hanoi's Tower

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The Tower of Hanoi (also known as the Tower of Brahma or the Tower of Luke) is a mathematical game or puzzle. It consists of a base with 3 rods and 9 oak discs of different sizes that can slide on any rod.

The puzzle begins with the disks in a neat stack on a rod, in ascending order of size, the smallest at the top, thus forming a conical shape.

The objective of the puzzle is to move the entire pile to another rod, obeying its simple rules.



The objective of the puzzle is to move the stack of 9 discs to another rod, obeying the following simple rules:

1. Only one disc can be moved at a time.

2. Each movement consists of taking the upper disk from one of the stacks and placing it on top of another stack, that is, a disk can only be moved if it is the uppermost disk in a stack.

3. No disc can be placed on top of a smaller disc (smaller discs should always be on top).

_Each piece or block comes from different cuts of wood, so it will present differences in terms of the shape and tone of its grain.

_Free of varnishes or toxic. All the pieces have been treated with a combination of natural oils.


Recommended Age : From 3 years

Wood Used : Beech, oak

Dimensions : Box 34x16x7cm

Dimensions : Base 30x12 cm

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