Caran d'Ache Water Brush

$12.90 SGD

Create beautiful watercolour paintings and wash effects at home or on the go with this travel-friendly water brush. Its rigid plastic body makes it particularly great for art classes and fieldwork since it is less likely to accidentally squirt water in your bag or pen case than a typical squeeze-type water brush. 

To fill the brush pen, unscrew the tip of the pen, dip the barrel in water, and pull back on the piston. Then, reattach the brush tip to the pen body and turn the pen so that the brush tip is facing straight up. Once the water has settled at the bottom of the piston, slowly push the piston back into the pen. A small amount of water may leak from the brush tip as you do so.

For a larger fill, use the following instructions. After filling the barrel with water, turn it tip-up without reattaching the brush tip. After the water has settled at the bottom of the piston, push the piston back up until the water level reaches the opening, then dip the barrel back in the water and pull the piston out. This lets you fill the entire barrel and piston with water, approximately doubling the brush's water capacity. Doing this makes the water brushless portable, however, since it is longer and more susceptible to leaks caused by accidentally pushing the piston.


- Piston pump mechanism for reliable, consistent filling.

- Rigid plastic body to help prevent accidental squeezing.

- Rubber squeeze buttons for pushing additional water into the tip.

3 Types of Brush Tip to choose from:

- Fiber-tipped brush pen features a solid, brush-shaped felt tip (115.203)

- Medium Synthetic bristle brush tip. (115.202)

- Large Synthetic bristle brush tip. (115.201)

Dimensions: 5.5cm x 1.5cm x 19cm

Weight: 0.026kg 

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