CARAN D'ACHE Prismalo 100th Year Anniversary Edition 25pcs (Water Soluble Pencils)

$119.00 SGD

Opening one’s first box of Prismalo; wondering at the brilliance of its metal, colours and gold lettering; catching the faint scent of cedar wood... Today, just like yesterday, discovering Prismalo is to experience unique sensations. The first watercolour pencil in the world, companion to entire generations of artists and schoolchildren, it has taken all the magic of watercolour to another level since 1931. The vast palette of colours, as well as the subtlety and durability of its leads, make for a “must have” pencil. Associated for decades with the majestic Mount Cervin, another symbol of Switzerland, it is presented in a cardboard case, directly inspired by its red and gold box from the 1930s. Iconic and historic, Prismalo has been created as an inspiration for adventure and discovery.

Dimensions: 18cm x 2cm x 18cm


Weight: 0.312kg 

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