Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle 20 - Landscape

$138.00 SGD

Cardboard packet containing a themed " Landscape " assortment of 20 colours/3510.420

Ultra-high pigment concentration ensures intense colour and exceptional light resistance. For all amateur or professional watercolourists, mixed media designers and lovers of unbridled creativity. 
This " Landscape " assortment offers a selection of the 20 essential colours in warm and cool tones for depicting a variety of landscapes. Blue-violets for sky and water, red-oranges for flowers, greens for fields and forests, browns for earth and rocks, light and dark shades to create light and shadow.
Contents: 20 " Landscape " watercolour pencils
Applications: Can be applied dry or wet for wash drawings, hatching, shading, for accurate lines, washes or blurring.

Technical description:

- Type: Water-soluble coloured pencils, hexagonal shape for optimal grip

- Lead: soft, extra-fine to meet the most demanding requirements of watercolour painting and artistic drawing. Diameter: 3.8 mm. Ultra-high pigment concentration. Exceptional light resistance when applied dry or as watercolour (Standard Blue Wool Scale - between *** and *****)

- Pencil: hexagonal, 8 ply, matt casing matches the colour of the lead, colour number indicated

- Premium FSC certified cedarwood

- Techniques: Watercolour, wash drawing, shading, unlimited mixed techniques. Dry or wet drawing on all media (paper, cardboard, canvas, etc.).

Available in " Standard " 12 colour assortments. " Landscape " 20 colour assortments, " Marine " 20 colour assortments.
Also available as an 80 MUSEUM Aquarelle assortment in a wooden gift box set.
Developed and Manufactured in Switzerland.

Dimensions: 27.5cm x 2cm x 20cm

Weight: 0.346kg


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