BUNDLE Classroom Pack of 10 sets - MARIE'S WORDS Printed Flash Cards

$199.00 SGD $550.00 SGD

This is for classroom pack of 10 sets of Marie's Words.

These 550 original, full colour hand-drawn picture cards use the power of mnemonics or “word faces” to use visual language to help students increase their vocabulary in a fun and effective way.  It is a well-known fact that different people have different learning styles and these vocabulary cards will be very effective especially for  more visual learners.

This is an excellent way to increase SAT, ACT and GRE scores or just one’s vocabulary in general.

A great tool for home-schooling , schools and tutoring. 

Additionally, Marie’s Words can be played as multiple word games.
With over 550 cards, 3000 vocabulary words, and 10 games in each box, there is no limit to the amount of fun and learning!
The games range from matching and picture association, to cognitive reasoning skills and writing, to reading and memorization, and more. There is a game for every occasion and learning style, and students of all ages, abilities, and languages are able to play immediately with friends and family.

Made in USA

Dimensions: L 40cm x B 30cm x H 30cm

Weight: 10kg

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