Bundle ABEL Golden Ratio Mini 96 FREE Mini 36 pcs (Usual Price: $499.80)

$339.90 SGD

The Golden Ratio forms a spiral that can be found in nature. These magical proportions and curves allow you to reflect and explore the beauty of nature.

This handy set is perfect for young builders and people who want to get to know the Golden ratio.

Be surprised about how open ended toys can be. Take the 36 mini’s out of the box and they will change from a mandala to a marble run or a castle. The Abel blocks mini provide a moment of rest, fun and sometimes a serious challenge. Combining them with your other toys makes them even more versatile. this set is very challenging and yet  very clear and understandable.

The series comes in three different sets:

Golden Ratio 96 - 4 x 24 blocks of each size

Mini 36 - 24,7 x 16,3 x 2,8 cm. 0,8 Kg.

Golden Ratio 24 - 4 x 6 blocks of each size
Golden Ratio 48 - 4 x 12 blocks of each size


These sets are stand-alone products, yet at the same time, they double as the perfect extension set to our Abel Blocks mini. All sets are packed in small cardboard packages and are made in Europe from beechwood (FSC).

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