BLOCO Aqua & Pyro Dragons

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Welcome to a magical world where water and fire not only mix, but mix and match as well.

Assemble the wavy blue Aqua Dragon or fiery red Pyro Dragon our designers have created for you, or combine the characteristics of one with the other to produce a multi-coloured dragon that can straddle water and fire. Hundreds of pieces that add up to countless possibilities...

Won Creative Child Magazine 2010 TOP TOY Award.

Give your child a toy that uses their hands and their imagination with Bloco Toys Aqua and Pyro Dragons. Aqua, a blue water dragon, and Pyro, a red fire dragon, are ready to be constructed by children ages five and older. The pieces are made from sturdy, washable high-density foam that can be put together and taken apart again and again. Children can construct the models shown using the detailed instructions or mix and match the pieces to make their own unique water-fire dragon model.

High-Density Foam Pieces Are Durable and Reusable
Construction toys from Bloco are made with high-density foam shapes that link with specialized plastic connectors. This allows for more variation in construction and a different feel than traditional all-plastic construction toys. The 235 included pieces are safe and washable, and their bright colors are appealing enough to inspire the imagination.

Use Your Imagination and Create Your Own Dragons
In addition to these models, children can also make their own creations by mixing and matching any of the foam pieces and plastic connectors. Our testers created a fun, blue-and-red amphibious design that combined both Aqua and Pyro--Pyqua! The red and blue fire and water pieces can be combined to create dozens of hybrids and other variations. Children can exercise their imaginations and their hand dexterity as they try out combination after combination.

Includes Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructions for Assembly
The included manual provides instructions for assembling Aqua and Pyro, the two dragons depicted on the box. The instructions are illustrated and in full color to help children as much as possible. Like any construction toy, it can still be a challenging task. There is a learning curve involved, and you might need to help your child if he or she gets frustrated. Our testers were able to construct Aqua and Pyro by following the instructions but did need some time to identify the small pieces.

235 high density foam pieces and plastic connectors
Detailed instructions

For ages 6-14
Hours of creative fun!

Aqua Dragon is roughly 19 x 41 x 18 cm.
Pyro Dragon is roughly 12 x 30 x 28 cm.

Package Dimensions: 40cm x 7.5cm x 31cm


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