AUTOMOBLOX 2016 S9-R sport sedan

$69.90 SGD

Finished in Mopar’s Plum Crazy, the 2016 S9-R is sure to get noticed. Like its R-line stable-mate, it features larger wheels than the standard S9, lower profile tires, a lower ride height, a chin spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear wing. Slotted rotors and matching purple calipers are included.

18 Mix & Match Components 1 Automoblox® figure 
MATERIALS - European beech wood, polycarbonate, ABS, TPR
COLOR – Plum Crazy (purple) AGE - 3+ MC - 3

FEATURING: interchangeable Brembo brake assemblies

 Dimensions: L 28cm x B 12cm x H 18cm

Weight: 0.67kg

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