ATELIER FISCHER Cube Mosaic - 16 cubes

$39.00 SGD

Less complex among the Atelier Fischer Cube Mosaics, this set is ideal for younger ones or for starters. Nicely packaged in a pinewood box with a transparent plexi sliding lid, this set of Atelier Fischer Cube Mosaic comes in 16 hand-crafted, wooden cubes, with different colours on each side, which your kids can strategically arrange and form patterns with. The mosaic, like blocks, also offers a spectrum of smart play as they stretch the child’s imagination and creativity.  

Pattern suggestions included.

Weight: 0.3kg

Atelier Fischer is a Swiss company which manufactures a wide range of products from wooden games to handicrafts using the finest native woods of the region. Their great experience with materials, special manufacturing techniques and the necessary knowledge and skill lead to beautiful, high-quality products. 

Dimensions: 13cm x 4cm x 13cm



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