AMOS Glitter Glue set of 6 - Classic

$6.90 SGD

Amos Glitter Glue 6 Colours - Classic
Contents: 10.5ml x 6 pcs


  • Safe
  • Use for writing, edding and decorating cards, paper, craft projects, gifts, etc
  • Superior quality-glitter flakes do not come off after dry
  • Vivid Glitter flake colours do not fade away


  • Don't peel off the work from clear vinyl sheet before it gets dry completely
  • Heavy-painting needs more drying time
  • Avoid skin and oral contact
  • Keep your work area well ventilated
  • May produce an allergic reation. Wash skin thoroughly in case of contact
  • Avoid contact with the eye. Rinse eye immediately if product comes into contact with them
  • Keep away your works from extreme heat cold or damp conditions
  • Save clothes from spots and stains
  • After dry possibly stains left on clothes

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