MIDNIGHT SPARKS 3x10 Metre ACDC Powered Lights

$118.00 SGD

3 x 10 metre of lustrous copper wire nesting 100 tiny tear drop shaped LED bulbs casting a warm glow, like stars in the dark of night. See your space in a different light with the rosy glow of Midnight Sparks’ fairy lights.


• Made of copper wire and LED bulbs

• ACDC powered

• 100-240v ; 5-15 watts

• Non waterproof

• Safe to touch

• LED bulbs continue to light up even if one bulb fuses

• Comes with a remote controller(s) to adjust the bulb brightness and flickering speed


Packaging Dimension 
3x10 metre: 11.5cm (L) x 8.5cm (W) x 11cm (H)



Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using chemicals and household cleaners as these might damage the lights

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