TYS Chinese Strokes II Acrylic Puzzle

$43.80 SGD

Introduce your preschooler to the basic strokes required to write in Chinese.

This Chinese strokes II acrylic puzzle features 16 MORE Chinese strokes (different from Chinese strokes I acrylic puzzle). Together, our strokes 1 and strokes 2 acrylic puzzles will cover all the strokes found in our local lower primary syllabus. 

This Chinese strokes acrylic puzzle is the perfect resource for him/her to build a strong foundation in the Chinese language the hands-on way! This highly versatile puzzle provides so many different ways of play, revisiting these Chinese strokes will be something to look forward to each time!

Combine this Chinese Strokes II Acrylic Puzzle with 
TYS Chinese Strokes II Sensory Play Cards (sold separately).
Cards and playdough shown in photos for illustration purposes. 

The acrylic puzzle contains a set of acrylic puzzle with 16 acrylic strokes only, with Yellow Puzzle Base + Green Strokes

Each puzzle comes with a colouring and tracing activity sheet (printed on cardstock) and a play guide.

Proudly designed in Singapore!

Other Ways to play:

 1) Complete the acrylic puzzle by placing the strokes in the stroke board. Read out the stroke names as you place the strokes! Trace the strokes with your fingers and invite your child to do the same!

 2) Put the stroke board on a light table and trace the stroke guidelines with your finger.

 3) Instead of using the strokes, fill up the “holes” on the stroke board with loose parts like beads or coloured rice.

4) Use the stroke board as a stencil to practise writing the strokes.

5) Press the strokes or stroke board into playdough to make dough strokes.

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